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Myriah Tomlinson

Myriah Tomlinson

Myriah Tomlinson has clay in her blood and pottery in her DNA!  Not only do we continue to show the work of her mother, who has been with Mossy Creek pottery since 1986, we also carried the work of her father for over 30 years.  Myriah carries on the family tradition with her own take on the family style as well as finding her own style and items unique to her.  She is known for her rose motif pieces and has added dogwood motif pieces to the floral line as well.  These pieces have a balance of glazed and unglazed surfaces and each piece is hand-carved with her original designs.  Recently she created a “Goddess” line of mugs and vases.  And glazed in white are her smiling, peaceful faces, and also a collection of skulls – both in mugs and planter forms -  have become favorites.

Myriah has been with Mossy Creek Pottery for almost a decade.


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