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Merry Newcomer

Merry Newcomer

Hi, I am Merry!  Clay is my element: from terra cotta to porcelain, earthenware to stoneware, I love it all!

Each piece is individually handcrafted.  From the precision and symmetry of the potter’s wheels to the warmth and comfort of hand-built pieces, working with clay is a constant source of pleasure, challenge, growth and joy for me.

I strive to create ware that is pleasing to use, functionally, visually and to the touch. My work includes a variety of dinnerware pieces: mugs, cups, bowls and plates. I also make and decorate tiles for individual uses such as trivets, as well as for installations. I've been exploring new forms for the past year and started building "dream houses", little boxes for storing special treasures, slightly tilted bud vases and clocks.

Merry joined Mossy Creek Pottery in 1997 at the suggestion of Bob Richardson, the original owner of MCP, as they worked together at the time at Oregon Clay Co. in Eugene.  When asked if she had any special memories of Mossy she asked: “Do you still have swarms of ladybugs every year?”  We do!  Every year, for several days, we have a swarm of ladybugs upstairs in the attic of the gallery in the front window.  (100-year-old buildings certainly do have their quirks and charms.)


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