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Dan Wheeler

Dan Wheeler

Dan and Susan Wheeler had the opportunity to purchase Mossy Creek Pottery in March of 2001. Dan was the resident potter and Susan the resident fused glass artist. They were privileged to own this wonderful business for 15 years. They are very thankful to be able to pass it on to Don and Melanie Richardson to “keep the dream alive”.

My love for pottery began in High School when I first saw the teacher work on the wheel, I took every pottery class available. My dream as a young kid through my teenage years was to play football at the highest level which waned after an auto accident and loss of desire, so at that time I turned my focus to pottery. After 5 years of college, a lot of all nights in the pottery room, and leaving without a degree due to skipping classes to go to the pottery room I was fortunate to land a job throwing production pottery which lasted for another 5 years, at which time I decided to start making pottery as a business on my own. It has been an incredible journey since that day I saw my first piece of pottery made. I am intrigued with glazes and form and make every pot to the best of my ability and hope that it is used and enjoyed both visually and functionally.


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