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Brad Henry

Brad Henry

I feel my role in this world community is to make things that reflect our culture's needs, habits and rituals.

My work is made from a porcelain and stoneware blended clay that is durable for everyday use.  It is high fired in reduction atmosphere in a natural gas downdraft kiln.  I use the potter's wheel and a slab roller to construct my pieces.  There are several layers of slips, glaze and wax used to decorate my creations with contemporary yet timeless designs.  Also, I use sumi brushes to create whimsical scenes of nature on some of my work.

I enjoy the usefulness of the ceramic object.  Pieces that work well in our hands and in our kitchens.  Entertaining our tactile and visual senses and also our families and friends with service.  Pieces should be fun to use and fun to look at and proud to give.

Brad Henry has been with Mossy Creek Pottery since 2006.


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