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Blue Water Pottery

Blue Water Pottery

Blue Water Pottery – Jeremy Noet

“After more than ten years of living on a leaky sailboat with my wife and running up and down a LONG flight of stairs balancing pots on a wareboard, going from studio to kiln in the old warehouse where I made pots, I finally have a house with a studio out back. And a garden. And a refrigerator. It's the little things, you know.  They all add up to a beautiful big picture.”

All our pottery is created from the mind and hands of Jeremy Noet, making a mess on his potter's wheel pretty much seven days a week. His wife Megan takes it from there, helping to get each finished piece out of the studio and into a new home.

Our pieces are designed to be used. Destined to make all your other dishes lonely.

Blue Water Pottery has been a part of Mossy Creek since before 2010.


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