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Mossy Creek Pendant/Diffuser Amber Waves

Mossy Creek Pendant/Diffuser Amber Waves


We produce these little pendants right here at Mossy Creek!


You can wear them simply as an adornment, or you can also use them as a diffuser for essential oils.  Simply add a drop or two to the unglazed side of the pendant and voila!  Your favorite scent is right at your fingertips all day long.  Use your own essential oils or check out our private labeled essential oils on our Pendants & Oils page.


Pendants are strung on braided cotton cord with stone beads. One bead is for decoration, one is to weight the end of the cord, and the middle bead slides back and forth to adjust the length of the necklace.  Each pendant comes with instruction card for oil use and a cotton gift bag.

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