Melanie Richardson (Me) and Lorie DePoalo (Lo), met and became friends in 2004 while co-managing an inn at Depoe Bay.  Though they enjoyed much about the experience, it wasn’t the creative outlet their artistic selves were craving.  Lorie was already a gifted visual artist and Melanie spent most of her creative energy on writing and jewelry-making at that time.  After four years working together, their paths diverged, with Lorie moving to Hawai’i and Melanie eventually coming to work at Mossy Creek Pottery for Dan and Susan Wheeler.  As fate would have it, their paths crossed again at just the right moment.  Lorie had returned from Hawai’i when Melanie purchased Mossy Creek after working for the Wheelers for four years.  Lorie came to work at Mossy Creek and soon moved on property to become the resident artist.  They share studio space and both work on their own projects, but also create together, currently working on the diffuser pendants and also a line of pieces built around textures created with their collection of vintage wooden batik stamps.  They are inspired by all the nature surrounding Mossy Creek, love gardening and caring for the grounds, trying to photograph all the flora and fauna right in their own back yard and are eternally grateful for the lucky stars that bought them to this place.