Lynne Brown

“The distinct pattern of the decoration carved into the earthy texture of the raw clay and finished with one of three rich glaze - this is what makes my work unique.” 


I have had my hands in clay since the early 1970’s. It seems that once I touched it, I just couldn’t put it down. This creative interest and love of clay has led to a lifetime of making and selling pottery.



The focus of my work has been functional kitchenware. I consider myself a production potter, although each piece is uniquely individual. I hand-throw each piece on the potter’s wheel, constantly varying shapes. I freehand carve decorative patterns on the surface using a variety of wood, metal and plastic hand tools. I use a clay rich in iron because I love the deep earthy brown color and texture of the raw unglazed clay. I finish each piece by glazing around the carved decoration, leaving the carved portion of the piece in the raw clay. The kiln is fired to 2380' (f) with propane. Each piece is food safe, durable and useful.



Originally from San Diego, California, I lived for 20 years on the southern Oregon coast, where I opened and ran Laurel Grove Pottery Studio and Gallery (1996-2006). 

Presently, I live and work from my rural mountain home in southwestern Washington. 

Lynne 25 yerars ago.jpg

I first came to Mossy Creek Pottery in 1986.  Greg Tomlinson and I had just moved to Coos County and one of the first people we met was Kevin Milner, who had a pottery studio/gallery in Bandon.  He suggested that we check out Mossy Creek Pottery as a possible outlet for our wares.  We drove up and showed our work to Tom and Joanna Davis (MCP owners, 1983-2000).  They bought every piece we showed them and wanted more as soon as possible.  We used to make a day trip of driving up the coast, three or four times a year, with all the kids. Tom and Joanna always invited us upstairs, made us coffee and let the kids hang out after the three- to four-hour drive.  After the delivery we’d have a picnic beach outing.   


My kids and I have fond memories of Mossy Creek Pottery.  And my daughter, Myriah Tomlinson, sells her wares there now as well.