Melissa Janicek - Janicek Pottery

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio where I took over 6 years of ceramics.  After graduating I came to the realization that making money making art was difficult, so I settled into a “real life job” as a paralegal. After 10 years of desk work I went back to college for veterinary medicine to at least make money doing something I loved, animals!  

After moving across the country 3 times, my husband and I finally settled in the small coastal town of Lincoln City where I met the owner of Mossy Creek and accepted a job working at the shop. Suddenly being surrounded by pottery made me consider getting back into my favorite medium, clay! It was an easy choice given the Mossy Creek family’s encouragement and willingness to help me through the process of relearning, a lot. I was happy to find it was a little like riding a bike, but with many new clay types, glazes and tools that were not available over 20 years ago! 

I find inspiration for my ceramics in the ocean, surfing, animals and the unparalleled beauty of Oregon. Sometimes things come full circle.   I have been with Mossy Creek since 2019.