Cross Creek Clay

Kelly Donaldson and Pamela Lane Donaldson have been working together since the early '70s. Their original work was high-fired, gas reduction, mostly functional ware. Most pieces were collaborations with Kelly throwing pieces on the wheel which Pam decorated/altered with painted glazes, relief carving, and sculptural elements. All pieces, including dinnerware, were one of a kind. They have never considered themselves production potters. 

The early '80s took them to Bend, OR, where circumstances conspired to turn them to raku as a primary firing technique. Freed from the need to be functional, their work went in a different direction. At first, most pieces were collaborations, then Pamela began supplementing the repertoire with hand-built sculptural work - mostly wall hung - much of which was informed by her interest in the human figure. 

Now that they have moved to Dundee, are back to clay, and have built a studio with a bunch of solar panels on it, they have changed to cone 6 oxidation with electric kilns. They are happy with the results so far and find themselves doing fewer raku and pit-fired pieces. Kelly still throws and has added some functional ware to his repertoire--mostly cups, tumblers and bowls. Those are mostly one of a kind as are the larger pieces he makes.