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Terri Axness

Terri Axness

Terri Axness is a retired teacher, painter and potter known for the diversity of her work.  Terri was raised in Baker City, Oregon.  She received her BA from the University of Oregon, and her MS in Education from Eastern Oregon University and taught art in public schools for over thirty years.  Terri works in acrylic, oil, pencil, watercolor and clay capturing a wide variety of subject matter from the serious to the whimsical.

In her ceramic studio, Terri fires in electric and gas kilns showcasing both her thrown and hand-built ceramics.  Her love of design coupled with a lifetime of experience in different media allows Terri to produce unique and collectible works.

I found Mossy Creek Pottery in 2013 when a friend suggested Mossy Creek would be the perfect place to show my work.  He was right.  Don and Melanie do such a remarkable job of representing pacific northwest potters.  I will be forever grateful.


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