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Ray Foster

Ray Foster

My infatuation with art began in high school. After completing my college degree, I became a high school pottery instructor in 1977. Much of what I taught was learned on the fly as I expanded my curriculum. Along the way, I participated in many seminars, graduate classes and even spent a year in England studying with ceramicists there. To this day, I’m still learning about the myriad possibilities of the ceramic process. My work has been designed for practical use. All pieces are high-fired to a hard cone 10. The shapes I employ are simple and decorated with a range of graphic designs. My unwavering goal is to produce a durable piece of functional art with flair. Now retired, I create new work in my Jacksonville studio.

After contemplating submitting work for years, Ray joined Mossy Creek Pottery in 2017 after he retired from teaching and felt he had time to continually produce a body of work for the shop and make trips to the beach for deliveries.


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