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Rae Holton - Starrflower Studio

Rae Holton - Starrflower Studio

Sculptor and Clay Artist

I was born and raised in Oregon among a family of Artisans. Experimenting in a wide variety of media throughout my younger years, I have come to find an affinity for elements of the earth and media born through fire. I work primarily in clay and cast in bronze, though you will find some of my work in a wide verity of media as dictated by the piece.

The swirling and flowing shapes and designs in my work are a reflection of my strong connection to the natural elements and the way energy moves. I am a student of energy. I find that the elements guide me and that I am merely the tool through which the form is manifest. My work is the representation of flowing energy depicted in physical form.

I have completed studies in raku, saggar, and pit fire techniques under Rico Piper, renowned potter and raku master, and studies in sculpture and 3D design under Dick Marcusen, master sculptor. My work has shown and sold in museums, galleries, juried competitions and art shows across the western states and is in private collections around the world. I owned and operated a full service clay studio in San Marcos CA where I taught clay classes to students of all ages and abilities while producing functional and sculptural ceramic works. I have now returned home to Central Oregon and enjoy playing in my home studio.

Creating is my passion. As I strive for the most effective way to express my vision, I am continually pushing the limits of my media. As a result, I am continually broadening the realm of possibility. Life is Art. Dare to sculpt your dreams!

Rae joined Mossy Creek in 2023.


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