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Melanie Richardson

Melanie Richardson

I came to pottery via a circuitous route…while growing up, my parents always worked to expose me to or support me in all kinds of artistic endeavors.  I was involved in dance, music, writing, theater and various forms of craft, which I continued in one form or another throughout my life.  When I became the latest owner/caretaker of Mossy Creek Pottery, a whole new world opened up for me with the ability to have my own studio space and create on a consistent basis.  For me, creating is an exploration of a material and how it relates to my world.  I make diffuser pendants because I love essential oils and making/wearing jewelry.  I want to create plant pots because I love cultivating and growing plants.  I have a point of view of the world I’d like to express through sculptural pieces.  I am intrigued by vintage woodblock batik stamps and so I use them to texture my creations.

Like me, my pottery is a work-in-progress.


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