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Linda Heisserman

Linda Heisserman

Linda works in porcelain clay because it reminds her of a canvas.  Each piece is thrown on the potter’s wheel.  When the clay is leather-hard, she starts carving with single edge razor blades and dental tools.  The piece starts to come alive for her when she carves; sometimes straight and precise lines and sometimes curving and soft lines.  Sometimes she creates openings and holes so she can look through and around the pieces.  Linda uses a light green or blue celadon glaze for her carved pieces because the glaze pools in the deeper grooves and pulls off the higher parts, which quietly accentuates the carvings.  Linda strives for her pieces to be both functional and special enough to bring a smile to a person’s face and eyes.

Linda joined Mossy Creek Pottery in the late 1980’s through 1993 during the ownership of Tom and Joanna Davis.  After that she took time off to raise her child and rejoined Mossy Creek in 2010.


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