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Justin LeBart

Justin LeBart

Justin LeBart brings joy to the world with his fun and functional pottery.  Justin grew up in Massachusetts where he received his undergraduate degree in sculpture (1998), and also where he encountered clay for the first time and failed miserably at it (his words).  Serendipitously his friend Seth Rainville was teaching wheel throwing  at the Phoenix art center, and the rest is history.  Justin developed his love of clay and teaching in this time frame in the early 2000’s.  In the fall of 2019 when everything seemed possible he set out to be a full time artist, then we all remember 2020 LOL.  He persisted and currently resides in Bend, Oregon…where he is working in his home studio, teaching adults and children mindfulness though clay, playing his bass or playing with his two black cats BAT and D’Art.

Justin joined Mossy Creek in 2022.


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