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Jim Van Baalen - FreeWheel Pottery

Jim Van Baalen - FreeWheel Pottery

Art, music and nature have been deep passions throughout my life. I grew up surrounded by mountains and became an avid nature lover and outdoor enthusiast. I feel connected and alive in nature. Relatively early in life, I learned that I had some musical talent and I spent a significant amount of time developing that talent. While I always loved visual art and was fortunate to be raised in a family where art was highly appreciated, I never had confidence in my ability to create it.  I spent 30 years as a technology executive. Post-career I wanted to pursue a visual art medium. I always enjoyed pottery and had collected a number of pieces over the years. When the Covid lock-down ended and pottery classes were once again available, I jumped at the opportunity. For the past two years, I have spent an average of four-to-six hours a day learning ceramics. I have done residencies at Anvi Studio in India and Blue Studio in Perth, Australia.

I love the quiet space that comes with creating ceramics. Through my creations, I aim to bring beauty to the world. I have developed a passion for alternate firing techniques, including Raku and Saggar. I feel that the unpredictable, but often amazing results of these natural firing processes achieve a blend of nature and modern art. I am enjoying the journey and can’t think of a better way to spend my life than trying to create beautiful things.

Jim joined Mossy Creek in 2023.


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