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Elaine Walzl

Elaine Walzl

I like making the most basic functional pottery shapes and taking them out of the ordinary. I alter the basic shapes of cups, bowls, platters, teapots to make them more interesting, add various textures, and finish them with pleasing color combinations. I want these lovingly crafted pieces to give pleasure when they are put to use.

As a schoolchild, I hated art class. I couldn't draw and I wasn't creative. I liked math and sciences. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Nursing and worked at Walter Reed for 3 years as a Captain in the Army. While living in Germany, I went to the base Arts and Crafts Center and found that I liked working with clay. After moving to Oregon, I took art classes at Oregon State. When my husband was sent back to Germany, I became the Director of the base Arts and Crafts Center. Since returning from Germany, I've been a full-time potter. As a member of the Oregon Potters Association, I've exhibited for ten years at their annual "Showcase" My floral pottery line has been carried in over 150 galleries nationwide.


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