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Diana Rose Studio

Diana Rose Studio

Diana Ryan fell in love with ceramics in 2002 while studying at the University of Oregon, graduating in 2006 with a BA in Ceramics and Environmental Studies. During the summer of 2007, she received a scholarship to participate in a clay workshop at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado to further her ceramic work. Diana’s post college years have been spent inspiring others through teaching art to the local community through many venues including the Corvallis Arts Center, OSU Craft Center, Jackson St Youth Shelter, and the Corvallis, Philomath and Albany School Districts. In 2012, Diana participated in the First Annual South Corvallis Art Walk, a grass roots neighborhood event that supports local artists and builds community. In the subsequent years she has organized and expanded the event, connecting with other art studios in the neighborhood and promoting South Corvallis Artists. Diana participates every third Thursday in the Downtown Corvallis Art Walk as a member of “The Nest” Artist Collective, which inspires momentum to pursue new personal work, keeps her connected with some amazing local artists and allows new opportunities to unfold. Diana has designed/facilitated several murals in Corvallis including the town’s second intersection street mural. Diana currently teaches private classes at her home studio, “Diana Rose Studio” in South Corvallis. She enjoys mountain biking and gardening in addition to creating ceramic work and spending time with her family.

Artist Statement: 
My skully mug collection symbolizes aspects of our shared humanity. The duality of the skull as a visual representation of death coupled with living organisms from the natural world creates a contrast that embodies human emotions surrounding the shared experience of life and death. The work speaks about love, joy, play, connection, celebration, loss, fragility, fear, impermanence and the inherent search for meaning. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and push my work forward. It's amazing the impact that a dedicated creative space can have. I am so grateful that I have followed my dream and found a wonderful place to thrive within my community. I truly love what I do!


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