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Cross Creek Clay

Cross Creek Clay

Kelly Donaldson and Pamela Lane Donaldson have been working together since the early '70s. Their original work was high-fired, gas reduction, mostly functional ware. Most pieces were collaborations with Kelly throwing pieces on the wheel which Pam decorated/altered with painted glazes, relief carving, and sculptural elements. All pieces, including dinnerware, were one of a kind. They have never considered themselves production potters.

The early '80s took them to Bend, OR, where circumstances conspired to turn them to raku as a primary firing technique. Freed from the need to be functional, their work went in a different direction. At first, most pieces were collaborations, then Pamela began supplementing the repertoire with hand-built sculptural work - mostly wall hung - much of which was informed by her interest in the human figure.

Now that they have moved to Dundee, are back to clay, and have built a studio with a bunch of solar panels on it, they have changed to cone 6 oxidation with electric kilns. They are happy with the results so far and find themselves doing fewer raku and pit-fired pieces. Kelly still throws and has added some functional ware to his repertoire--mostly cups, tumblers and bowls. Those are mostly one of a kind as are the larger pieces he makes.

Pam still alters/decorates many pieces he has thrown but is working more and more on handbuilt (slab and coil built) pieces, except with cone 6 glazes. Very different results from raku, but less fragile--allowing for more experimentation with shapes.

Kelly's functional stoneware is food, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Most of the larger vessels will hold water for flowers etc. The raku and pit-fired pieces which are purely decorative are clearly marked.

Cross Creek Clay joined Mossy Creek Pottery in 2018.


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