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Carol Schallberger

Carol Schallberger

Creativity surfaced very early in my life.  I scoured the beaches every summer with my parents, brother and cousins.  We collected agates, jasper, shells, seaweed, driftwood and other precious treasures.  Each piece was considered and may have become jewelry, part of a sand castle, planter or any number of inceptions from our imaginations. 

Childhood creations gave way for formal art in high school and college. A ceramics class opened up my heart to the life long love of clay.  I have returned to the studio when family and work time has allowed.

Nature still influences my creative work.  I love to make functional pottery that is playful, colorful and represents things that are important in our lives such as bees, flowers, bugs and plants. I hope the user enjoys the feel and look of my work as much as I enjoyed making it.

A favorite quote: “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” -   Sylvia Plath

Make art…it will make you happy, help you heal, connect you to life.


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