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Alan Higinbotham

Alan Higinbotham

My emphasis as a ceramic artist is wheelthrown porcelain clay--what I make is one-of-a-kind work, entirely designed and made by me.  From Dinnerware to Sink installations, I strive for beautiful forms whether it's your favorite bowl, teapot or large wall platter. I do my own glaze chemistry. By oxygen-starved high-firing to 2350 degrees F. I can balance heat, time and oxygen, for vibrant Copper Reds, deep Cobalt Blues, and time-honored Celadon Green glazes.  My hope is to add color and richness to daily life. I studied under a master potter in Japan in the 1980s and have been a professional potter for over 40 years in Oregon.

Alan joined Mossy Creek Pottery in 2022.


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